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Summer 2020 (online only)

Administrators Report, Back to School Resources, Interview with Volunteer--Patty John, Fall Virtual Events and Donor List.

Summer 2020--PATSA 4 Kids (online only)

Just Different, Tell It Like It Is--an interview with Anthony Zema, and Get Involved.

Winter 2020

New logo, Spring Events, Volunteer opportunities,Donations in Honor, Donations in Memory, Genetic Information from Dr. Gary Heiman, Training update and more.

Winter 2020--PATSA 4 Kids

Making Friends, Sudoku, Be Prepared, Interview with Carole Ann Bollinger, Volunteer opportunities and more

Summer 2019

Creating Community, Volunteer Opportunities, Dedication to Dr. Peter Meyer, Donations, How Can PATSA Help You?, Camp Sponsor Thank You, Q & A with Volunteer: Melinda Platt.

Summer 2019--PATSA 4 Kids

Making Friends, Make Back to School Fun, Tell me a story..., Tell It Like It Is with Magnus Lewis, and Volunteer

Winter 2019

Upcoming events, Volunteer opportunities, Curb Anxiety, Volunteer Stephanie Dissen, Spotlight on Brad Cohen.

Winter 2019--PATSA 4 Kids

Upcoming events, Maze, Book Spotlight, Tell It Like It Is with Kimberly Chamberlin, Get Involved Youth Opportunities and "Why is it called Tourette?"

Summer 2018

Retreat in Western PA, 2018 Camp Pictures, Q&A with Volunteer Jay Geyer, Training updates, Camp Sponsors and Event updates

Summer 2018--PATSA 4 Kids

Share your Talents, Games, Tell It Like It Is with Danny Ferron and Member Accomplishments.

Winter 2018

Upcoming events, Elevated Rate of Autism Symptoms in children with TS, Q&A with Volunteer Heather DiGiacomo, PATSA Trainings, Donations in Memory and in Honor, TS Family Retreat and Recent Media

Winter 2018--PATSA 4 Kids

TS Awareness, Sodoku, My Story by Jack Morgan, Tell it Like it Is by James Brower, Member Accomplishments

Winter 2017

Articles include: Volunteer Programs, Sponsor Thank You's, Q&A with volunteer Alex van Ruler, Trainings, Donations,Committee Updates, and 2017 Events!

Winter 2017--PATSA 4 Kids

Articles include: Mascot Contest, Youth Advocates, "How My Passions Have Helped My TS" by Ilene Applebaum, No, You Don't, Tell It Like It is with Jake Hudgeons, and Youth Opportunities!

Summer 2016

Includes articles on Crazy Budget Year, Loss of PA-TSA Founder, Camp Sponsors, Past and Upcoming Events, Wear Blue for TS, PA-TSA at TS Clinic and Volunteer Interview--Christina MacLean.

Summer 2016--PATSA 4 Kids

Articles include: Wear Blue for TS, Famous Ticcers, Scholarships, Tell It Like It Is interview with Lindsay Glass, and Youth Involvement.

Winter 2016

Articles include: "Brain Chemical Aids Tic Control in Tourette Syndrome", "What's this TS Camp all about", "Youth Board Rep", "Support Group Leaders needed", 2015 Retreat & Camp Sponsors & 2016 Events List

Winter 2016 --PATSA 4 Kids

2016 Events, Interview with Adam, YAP updates, Jr. Youth Mentors needed for Camp, Word Search and riddles.

Spring/Summer 2015

Celbrating 30 years of service to PA, Honoring those making a difference, an interview with a 30 year volunteer, events and much more!

Spring/Summer 2015--PATSA 4 Kids

TS Awareness Month ideas, Interview with Rocky, YAP, Sodoku and riddles.

Winter 2015

Articles include: Camp & Retreat Pictures, Volunteer Programs, What's that Acronym?, 30th Anniversary Award Nominations, Sponsors, Trainings and events.

Winter 2015--PATSA 4 Kids

Articles include: Camp & Retreat pictures, Goodsearch, Mental Tics, Pie-in-the-face challenge, Bulletin Boards, riddles & games.

Spring 2014

Articles about Growing Up with Tourette's (For Mature Audiences Only); Understanding Cutting and self-harm; Pennsylvania's Yellow Dot Program; Lifetime Memberships; Pictures from Retreat and Events; etc.

Spring 2014--PATSA 4 Kids

Articles include: First Family Retreat; Youth Advocate Program; TS Awareness Month; Bullied or Teased because of TS?; Sudoku; Riddles for Fun.

Winter 2014

Grant Increased to $150K, 2013 TS Family Camp, Researchers Uncover Mechanism Controlling Tics, Event and Education Updates, etc.

Winter 2014--PATSA 4 Kids

PATSA launches newsletter for youth, Senior Projects, TS Awareness Month, Word Search, Riddles, etc.

Spring 2013

TS Awareness Month, 3 Record Breaking Events, "What Celebrities Suffer from OCD?", Member Events & Volunteer Interview.

Winter 2013

Articles about Special Needs Trust, Medical Assistance, Volunteer Programs, Training Programs, Donations in Honor and in Memory of Loved Ones, and upcoming events.

Spring 2012

Articles about Gifted Education, Volunteers Needed, Counterfeit Adderall, 2012 Conference, TS Awareness Month and more.

Winter 2012

Articles on Federal Legislation, Upcoming 2012 Conference, Updates to the Diagnosic & Statistical Manual (DSM-5), Milennials will benefit & suffer due to Hyperconnected Lives, My feelings about TS, Free Trainings and Charter Schools.

Spring 2011

Includes articles on Bullying and the Responsibility of Schools, Brain Imaging Predicts Progress in Children with Dyslexia, 2011 TS Conference info., Anxiety/Panic Disorder in TS Patients, TS Awareness Day at the Capital, and so much more!

Fall 2010

Includes our NEW Questions Corner and articles on the New Health Care Reform Act, Eye On the Prize: Keeping All Students Safe, and so much more!

Spring 2010

Includes articles on Executive Dysfunction, OCD & TS, Updates on the PA Education Empowerment Act, and Research opportunities.

Fall 2009

Includes articles on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Research Study Results of # of children affected by TS.

Spring 2009

Includes articles on Parents' Advocating in the Special Education System, TS is more than just Tics, and TS and Occupational Therapy.

Fall 2008

Includes articles on Improving Executive Function, Changes in PA Education Law and Bullying.