Youth Advocate Program

Our YAP program grew out of a desire to promote acceptance and empower youth at our yearly TS Family Camp.  Since 2011, this program provides youth with the information to create a bulletin board, create an information board and give a brief training on Tourette Syndrome.  The training includes a short power point so that a youngster can train their classmates, scout troop, sports team or other peer group to understand the basics about Tourette Syndrome.  In 2012, information was added to help children “tell a friend” that they have TS–which can be scary to do! 

If you are a youth from 12-17 and would like to join our YAP program you no longer need to attend camp!  We have recorded a webinar to provide the same training to anyone in Pennsylvania!  You can access the webinar in one of the following ways:

  1. Members click here to access the link where you can view the training.  Non-members email and she will send you the link within 2 business days.  
  2. Watch the training and let us know you have completed it!
  3. Fill out your Application so we know you want to join! 
  4. Send, fax or email your completed application to Sara.

The following Youth Advocates have been trained to present information about Tourette Syndrome to community and student groups and have agreed to advertise their names in the newsletter and on our website. They volunteer their time and are available for speaking engagements in their local communities. If you would like to schedule one of these amazing young people to speak to your group, please contact

Jay Geyer

YAP Director, PATSA Board President

Lindsay Glass

YAP Committee, PATSA Board Director

Isabella Reardon


Callum deQuevedo




And Several Others Not Listed

Please call if your county is not listed