Youth Advocate Program

Our YAP program grew out of a desire to promote acceptance and empower youth at our yearly TS Family Camp.  Since 2011, this program provides youth with the information to effectively spread TS awareness in their community. Each member of YAP will be provided resources and tips on how to spread TS awareness and provide a brief training on Tourette Syndrome to peers and/or organizations in their community. The training includes a short power point so that an adolescent can train their classmates, scout troop, sports team or other peer group to understand the basics about Tourette Syndrome.  In 2012, information was added to help children “tell a friend” that they have TS–which can be scary to do! 

If you are a youth between 12-17 years old, and would learn more about joining our YAP program please submit this sign up request.

Once you sign-up for further info you will receive an email with all the information needed to determine if you are interested in becoming an official member of our Youth Advocate Program. The email will include a training on what YAP does, an application, and directions on how to pursue membership.  Any questions? Email Sara.

Keep your eye on the newsletter to keep up with what our YAP members are doing to support the TS community and spread education and awareness! They volunteer their time and are available for speaking engagements in their local communities. If you would like to schedule one of these amazing young people to speak to your group, please contact