Support for Schools

PATSA has come to our school repeatedly to assist us in better understanding the condition and to help us be able to support these students and their families. As clinicians, the support we have received from PATSA has been invaluable. Our students and their families are better understood and receive better care because of the education and support PATSA has provided to our program.

Tourette Syndrome is a complex disorder, especially when a child is also diagnosed with one or more additional neurological or behavioral conditions. Educators and Administrators need to fully understand the child with TS so that they can adequately support and accommodate the child without reinforcing unwanted tics or punishing a child for manifestations of their disability. Training for Educators, Peers and School Nurses is important and is called our “ACCEPT ME” Project.

PATSA supports for Schools

The PA Tourette Syndrome Alliance can help schools navigate this fine line through the following services:

School Nurse
Aug 22

**Register for 2 hour webinar, 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm. Act 48 credits available. Includes 1 year access to School Information and Tools!

Technical Phone Support:

for questions regarding TS, associated disorders, or for assistance with helpful accommodations.

Aug 20

**Register for one-hour Webinar, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Act 48 credits available. Includes 1 year access to Educator Information and Tools!

Consultant Services for schools

Available under our Dept of Health Grant. Click here to learn more about this program.

Aug 21

**Register for two-hour Webinar, 9:30 am -11:30 am. Act 48 credits available. Includes 1 year access to Educator Information and Tools!

In-Service Programs

**Available as a Webinar! Act 48 credits available. Includes 1 year access to Educator Information and Tools!

Educator or Nurse
In-Service Program

In-service programs are available to public and private schools under our PA Dept of Health Grant. Act 48 credits are available.
Administrators, click here for more information.

In-Service Program

Children with Tourette syndrome are often misunderstood, teased and bullied for their symptoms. Ignoring the issue doesn't help but our training can!

Prior to PATSA's intervention, Isaac was being bullied by his peers and repeatedly told to stop his tics, which were annoying others or perceived by his teachers as deliberately disruptive. The response to the in-services from the faculty, staff and students was overwhelmingly positive. Several of the children who had bullied Isaac in the past came up to him and personally apologized.

Why Cards for Teachers

These are useful to provide quick and easy information when you are in the community with a student who has TS, especially when they have tics that may be loud or easily misinterpreted.

Contact PATSA for Trainings

Call us at 1-800-990-3300 with questions or to schedule trainings! You may also send an email to info@patsainc.org which will be forwarded to the correct staff member who will contact you during regular business hours to finalize scheduling of training. 

We are currently booking In-Service Programs for this school year under our State grant!

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