Speakers for Your Community

Tourette Syndrome is a complex, easily misunderstood disorder. In order for more people to have an increased understanding of TS, we offer a variety of trainings for your community groups.

Adult Community Training – To promote awareness or directly support an individual with TS, PATSA offers trainings for any group who seeks a better understanding of TS and the services we provide. We have presented to church groups, synagogues, Fraternities, community awareness groups and many other organizations.

Children’s Community Training – Children often fear what they do not understand. In order to reduce teasing and increase acceptance of children diagnosed with TS, it is helpful to have a brief training for groups when they interact with peers diagnosed with TS. This training can be provided to any groups and will be adapted to their age. PATSA has trained Boy Scout groups, Girl Scout groups, organized sports groups, summer camps, after-school programs and many others to support the needs of children with TS.

Request a Speaker

If you would like to arrange for one of our speakers to present at an upcoming event, workshop or training please contact our office at 1-800-990-3300 or by email at info@patsainc.org.

Join the Community Speakers Bureau Team

Do you enjoy public speaking and would like to put your talent to good use?  Join our Community Speakers Bureau and assist when a training is needed in your area!

Click Here to complete the application.  For more information contact the office at 1-800-990-3300.  We look forward to hearing from you!