PATSA Trainings Offered

The PA Tourette Syndrome Alliance offers a diverse set of training programs to promote understanding and acceptance of those with Tourette Syndrome. Our speakers are staff members and a few select, trained individuals from various professional backgrounds located across the state of PA.

Tourette Syndrome is a very complex disorder and is often misunderstood, so thorough training by experienced individuals is imperative.  PATSA strives to promote awareness through education and we look forward to presenting to your group!

Peer In-service – Entertaining, interactive, age appropriate training for Grades K-12 to help students better understand Tourette Syndrome and to promote acceptance of differences.  This program has proven effective in decreasing bullying toward students with differences! We are ALL different… just like everyone else!

Educator’s In-service – Thorough training for Educators to understand the many ways that TS can affect education.  Numerous examples of symptoms and how to best accommodate children in the classroom are shared.

Children’s Community Training – Similar to the peer presentation above, but adapted for groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,  football team or other children’s group.

Adult Community Training– To support an individual or promote awareness of TS, PATSA has presented to church groups, synagogues, Fraternities, community awareness groups and many other organizations!

Nurses In-Service – Our organization was founded by an R.N. and with that in mind we continue her tradition of training nurses to meet the needs of those with TS.  Through partnering with York College, we have trained aspiring nurses yearly for over 8 years.

Behavioral Health Training -Therapeutic Support Staff are frequently asked to assist those with TS who have other behavioral differences.  This training will help them learn to accommodate the tics while they assist clients with behaviors that they may be able to develop control over.

Physician’s Trainings – Many physicians can diagnose Tourette Syndrome but few specialize in treating those with TS.  Our training promotes awareness of our organization, how we can help your patients and their families and gives you real life examples of how TS and the co-morbid conditions can affect education and your patient’s day-to-day life.

Request a Speaker

If you would like to arrange for one of our speakers to present at an upcoming event, workshop or training please contact our office at 1-800-990-3300 or by email at


Barb Ruschak

Washington County

Serving Greene County

Jay Geyer

Currently resides in Virginia

Serving South Central PA.

Lesley Geyer

Montgomery County

Serving Montgomery, Chester, Bucks and Delaware Counties.

Michelle Ulishney

Dauphin County

Serving Dauphin, York, Lancaster, and Cumberland counties.

Patricia John

Allegheny County

Serving Allegheny, Washington, Butler, and Beaver counties.