PATSA Consultants

The PA Tourette Syndrome Alliance has consultants available to assist individuals with TS, their families, schools and employers.  Trained and experienced in disability advocacy, our consultants provide support by phone, attend meetings to assist individuals with TS, and can help school and employment teams in finding appropriate accommodations, strategies and tools for the success of individuals with TS.

Our consultants can…..

  • Provide phone support to parents and individuals with TS
  • Strategize with parents to resolve issues at home and school
  • Provide insight on TS and co-morbid conditions
  • Refer parents and individuals to other available resources
  • Review evaluations and IEP/504/Educational Plans to assist parents in analyzing these documents
  • Assist parents in preparing for school meetings
  • Attend school meetings to educate team about TS and provide input for child’s plan
  • Assist school personnel with questions about TS
Our consultants can NOT….
  • Meet with families in the home
  • Give legal advice
  • Give medical advice

Western PA–Brandi Cooper
Eastern PA–Nicole Wesner
Administrator–Sherrie Sponseller  

Cheryl Malloy
Cambria County
Serving Cambria, Blair, Somerset and Indiana Counties.
Lesley Geyer
Montgomery County
Serving Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware and Chester Counties.